121 adult chat older lady YourChallenge a squirter

My Fetish: Bondage & discipline, Domme, Exhibition, Kiss

1 on 1 adult chat Dolls Profile: I am a brat tamer, I am a genuine sadist in a mentally way and not only and a degradation giver. I idolize having a fellow down there, with eyes on the floor, naked and collared, idolizing me, wailing, begging!!! I love sissies, the sluttish the finer. And not the least, I believe that a boy can be complete only he is in a subordinated state of mind next to Domme. TCP/CEI/CBT, etc.

Favourite hookup position: Always on TOP of you.

What I get up to in ptivate: Like I said I love:
**Stocking/foot fetish**
**Sissy training**
**Body worship**
**Giving assignments/tasks**

What I don’t like: Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy conversing but don’t abuse my text converse. Don’t give me orders and don’t activity in a bossy way because you won’t have any chance in front of me. Don’t leave behind that a host can pick her members as well 😉