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Horny cam Dolls Profile: My name is Arina. I hate trying to explain myself over the internet because it’s impossible to understand me without entirely knowing me. I won’t sit here and tell you how outstanding I am, you can determine what you want for yourself.
I’m a people pleaser but only to an extent. I would never switch myself or my views because someone else said so. I have much to high standards. I think a LOT, too much sometimes, of my future. There are so many things I wish I could have changed. I attempt not to regret the things I do because all in all I did them for some reason. I believe heavily in fate and karma; you will get what you deserve. Ive always been happy with my life but have always wanted something more.
I find it so sad when people you know become people you knew but my best advice is to be uber-cute to everyone you rendezvous because you never know when you’re going to watch them again. What doesn’t will break me will only make me heavier.

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What I don’t like: beggars here